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University is hard work, and so it should be. After all, you’re paying £9,250 per year for the privilege of attending your course, so if you don’t work hard, you’re wasting your money. But all work and no play can make uni a very dull time, and you need to find a balance between the two. That’s where student societies come in.

Lancaster University has over 175 student societies to choose from, covering everything from sports and hobbies to activism and political causes, from dominoes and darts to feminism and films. Each one gives you the chance to get out of your student houses and leave your shared houses for a few hours and give your brain a rest. But what will you get out of a student society and how do you choose the right one for you?

Why join a society?

The most obvious reason for joining a student society is to have something to do that isn’t studying. Whichever society you choose, it will get you out of your university accommodation to socialise and meet new, like-minded people, often making lifelong friends. Societies are a great state-breaker that will clear your mind, tire your body and help you to focus more clearly when you get back to your student flats and sleep better at night.

Boost your CV

Joining a society will also give your CV a boost, especially if you get involved in running the society or organising events. Employers like people who can show a good work life balance, and who can demonstrate that they can organise their time between several different things successfully. Proving your management skills by running a league, or planning a big fundraiser, shows teamwork, time management, leadership and the ability to work with multiple stakeholders to achieve a positive outcome – all of which will help your job application stand out from the crowd.

How to choose the right society

If you are already keen on a sport or pastime, like rugby, Fortnite or craft beers, then you could choose a society based around that to continue your interest and find others who share your passions. Alternatively, you might want to try something completely new that you’ve never tried before, like hang gliding, student radio or stand-up comedy. You’ll never have such a huge range of options available to you, with this many activities and interests all accessible and affordable, so don’t miss out.

Don’t overdo it

With such a huge range of exciting activities, it can be easy to overload yourself, so take your time and choose carefully. As a student, your time and money are both in short supply, so spend them wisely. By all means try taster sessions for a few different options during freshers’ week, but make sure you only commit to the societies that you can afford and have the time for. If you take on too much, then you will spread yourself too thinly and not enjoy the benefits of any of them. You’ll also be wasting your membership fee if you sign up but don’t find the time to take part.

A unique opportunity

If all goes to plan, you’ll soon be swapping your student houses for a home of your own and be committed to a 9-5 routine, plus commute, which will leave you little time for fun. And once you start a family, those opportunities will become even rarer. For all your uni workload, you will never be as free to explore new activities and interests as you are now, so dive in and have a swim around. Who knows, you may discover a hidden talent for criminology or caving that changes your career path forever. At Lancaster Student Lettings not only can we provide student houses, we also offer support and advice throughout your uni experience.