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You’ve packed your bags, arrived in your new home and now it’s time to explore. But where to start?! We’ve put together some top tips in this Student’s Guide to getting around Lancaster to help you start student life.

Hit the Streets

Lancaster is a bustling city but it’s easily accessible on foot. Bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and even accommodation are all easy to get to.

If you fancy heading further afield then the Bus Station is located in the city centre.

For those trips back to family, Lancaster Railway station is just a few minutes from the main streets.

Get Some Wheels

Ok, so maybe not your own set, but Public Transport in Lancaster is perfect for students. Maybe you need to get to a lecture or a friend’s house so there are frequent bus services around the city and into the surrounding areas. Visit the Stagecoach website for more info.

Pedal Power

Bikes are regularly used for getting around Lancaster. There are lots of off-road cycle paths to explore the area but it’s easy to navigate the city to get to where you need to be.

One of the main routes, as well as the most picturesque, is along the Lancaster Canal. The route is part of the National Cycle Network and takes in many of the sights of the city and ends with panoramic views across Morecambe Bay. You can bring your own and use the bike racks or even hire bikes.

Taxi Service

More expensive than any other option but still a great option if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. There are ranks at the railway and bus stations but they can also be reached by phone. Make sure you save one in your mobile before heading on a night out!

Driving Your Way Across Lancaster

Some students do have their own 4 wheels so you can talk to us about the most suitable properties for parking. There are park and ride facilities outside of the city but it’s worth talking to the team at LSL if you do have a car as parking in the centre is limited.

Getting Around Lancaster from your Accommodation

All of the properties managed by Lancaster Student Lettings are easily accessible from the Universities and the nightlife. We can give you more information about the accommodation when you get in touch.

Call us for a chat today or visit our contact page here.